How It Works

Become an expert at Intentional Dialogues


CouplesCom works a bit like text messaging but guides you through a set process involving active listening, validation and empathy.

Active Listening

Express your concern. Your partner repeats back (mirrors) what you said until you’re satisfied they heard you correctly.


Your partner validates your concern by imagining how your concern makes sense to you.


Your partner takes a guess at how you’re feeling. You correct them until you’re sure they get it.

According to experts, 69% of marital conflict never gets resolved.  The important thing is how you handle the conflict.  CouplesCom helps you discuss your differences respectfully and allows you to be heard by your partner.

Request changes in your partner's behavior

CouplesCom helps you navigate the exceptionally tricky task of requesting behavior changes in your partner.




CouplesCom helps you craft a well written request that concisely expresses what behavior you want changed, how this behavior affects you, what new behavior you want to see and why you want it.

Formulation of the request

Actionable Request

CouplesCom helps you ask your partner for a specific action, usually an alternative to the behavior you want changed. You and your partner negotiate until an agreement is reached.


CouplesCom prompts you to feedback to your partner after the action is complete. Feedback will encourage the new behavior to become permanent.

CouplesCom helps you communicate safely and effectively with your partner. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.


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