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CouplesCom is an iPhone and Android app that creates a safe and effective place for you and your partner to have the important conversations you need.


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Create a safe environment

CouplesCom is a structured communication environment that prevents difficult conversations from spiraling out of control. Take the heat out of your discussions and make real progress resolving your trickiest issues.

Connect with those you need to connect

Communicate with all your close relationships. Whether it’s with your romantic partner, parent, teenager, sibling, friend, colleague or caregiver, CouplesCom is effective with them all.

Change what you need to change

Request a change in your partner’s behavior in a non-threatening and respectful way. CouplesCom steps you through a set process and invites accountability in your partner.

Stop repeating the same discussions

CouplesCom keeps a record of your conversations for you to review with your partner so you can stop dwelling on old hurts and move forward more easily.

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CouplesCom helps you communicate safely and effectively with your partner. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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